"I spoke to Mike twice before starting, the first time about one year before I booked in for my first appointment, it took me that long to decide because I was sceptical about the holistic approach and didn't really believe that nutrition or lifestyle change could heal or help, I had swollen hands, feet and ankles for 2 years prior to our sessions, the swelling disappeared in 2 weeks I was amazed, each time I changed something there was an initial resistance and scepticism within me, but when I stuck with it I always felt better within a short period, it can change your life"

Renate, Shepherds Bush

"It became obvious during our sessions that I didn't understand what true health was or meant, I'd say most people haven't got a clue what health really is or even experienced it, it has made a huge difference to me and my family"

Soraya, Camden

"I liked the approach where advice was given but ultimately I made all the decisions, so I felt comfortable with the changes I made and didn't feel overwhelmed or pressured to do too much, I had emotional problems and the approach Mike used was so different to anything I had heard of and at first I felt a bit odd doing the practice, these are simple but incredibly powerful practices anyone can do, wonderful"

Phil, City London

"It's just helped my overall energy in and out of the gym, I now realise the importance of what I put in my body, the effect nutrition has is so much greater than I ever thought"

Martin, Hackney

"In the first session, Mike told me how important it was to look at the mental and emotional aspect of my condition, IBS, at that time I simply wanted to focus on the nutrition and that is what we did, it was only when I was on holiday the following week that I realised my condition was mostly mental and emotional related to my job because I was eating what I wanted and had no symptoms, when I got back we worked on that aspect and it has helped tremendously"

Raj, Walthamstow

"Simple practices, very powerful, following nature and its rhythms, this information should be taught at school"

Robert, Highbury

"Mike significantly helped my bloating/IBS or whatever it was, by identifying that I was out of sync with nature, he explained how and why and got me to go to bed at the right time for me, so simple, all the nutritional stuff was great but the sleep advice really helped"

Robin, Kensington

"Highly recommended, you don't realise until you're healthy how lousy you used to feel, not waking up feeling so tired almost every day is a novelty, found the change difficult at first but you have to go through some discomfort as the body adjusts and detoxes, best I've felt"

Katarina, West End London

"Mike helped me with my posture and breathing and it had a tremendous impact on the way I felt walking and sitting, it might sound simple but it took a lot of work to get there"

Al, Morocco

"It makes me laugh now when I hear that you should have your five a day, Mike convinced me that I should be having 15 a day, he showed me how and that is what I'm now doing, it's incredible the difference between proper quality nutrition and what most people eat, even those who think they are healthy, I didn't think I needed to lose weight but I have a little naturally and look and feel so much better"

Katherine, Crystal Palace

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