Mike has been involved with health, exercise and fitness all his working life. After a 6 year football career, he started out as a personal trainer in 1992, with the intention of trying to help as many people as possible attain great health.

Throughout his years as a trainer he always felt something was missing, that he wasn't able to help his clients as much as he would have liked, as many came telling him of poor energy, weight problems, bloating, aches, pains and many other conditions.

It was only when he qualified as a holistic practitioner and fully understood the many facets that make up health, that he was able to truly help his clients on all levels.

He founded London Holistic Nutrition in 2006 and has been able help 100’s of people improve their quality of life through simple to follow, yet incredibly powerful practices.

There is nothing he asks his clients to do that he hasn't already experienced himself, so it's not just Information and ideas he's passing on.

His intention is to help you cut through the confusion and give you the skills and expertise so that you can take back control of your health for good and experience the look, energy and vitality you deserve.

Mike Imlach Hlc, MSc CHEK
Holistic Life Coach
Holistic Nutritionist

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